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05 December 2008 @ 03:05 am
zipper sighting!  
We finally dug up an online store that is selling at least one of the Marios Schwab designs from last year to feature our zips =
And half off now at only $900-some dollars! - Perhaps because anyone who spends $1800 on a dress wants their nipples covered up...? XD

How are we ever going to explain to Nomura that it is directly his fault that fashionable bra-less-minded chicks can live in a world wherein exist giant zipper spines...?

Also, by the way and weirder still...since the displays are now up (although we don't know exactly where)...if anyone spots the holiday-season WALLS of DOOM for MAC Cosmetics (&/or Estee Lauder &/or Ulta for those outside Canada) snipe us a shot with your camera, please! We spent too much time working on those obscenely long zips (and went way too insane dealing with FedEx losing about a third of them) that I don't want to miss seeing them in action.

They're red, and covered in giant zippers and supposedly people pop in and out of them....to symbolize the make-up of your soul phasing in and out of the Purse of Life. (Yeah, we don't get it exactly either.) This is what they look like = http://www.orgxiii.org/zippers/gallery3.html
Current Mood: bemused
o____________o: Attacking the Darkness!teal_deer on December 5th, 2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
I would suggest learning to say it in Japanese ;P